Do you have a green thumb? Do you like verdant hills/valleys or even a garden? If yes, this blog will certainly interest you. Just between us, do you want to know what’s a cherry on top?

We all have a friend or relative that despises gardening. He/she will never pick up a shovel or rake. Hiring a person with a green thumb is his/her safest bet.

Since we have given in to categorization; we also know somebody who is dotty about plants and herbs but is a do-nothing. Do-nothings want to keep plants indoors and water them just enough so that the plants don’t wither! Even if their singular builder has provided them with ample space to grow a garden, they won’t lift a finger. This blog will be utterly useful to your work-shy pals.

Since we briefly crossed the subject of builders, real estate builders and developers– Ahad Builders are not stingy with space. I am talking to all you horticulture enthusiasts. Ahad Builders’ projects have lush gardens that will make your green thumbs itch. They also smartly and beautifully put that cheery on top by affording houses that are spacious. Do-nothings can make the indoors airy and green. No finger lifting. You can bet bottom dollars on this!

The following indoor plants don’t need your constant attention. They are also excellent air-purifiers.

1) Snake Plant      

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Indirect sunlight and light waterings will suffice for this plant.

2) Schefflera

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This plant has glossy, oval leaves that look marvelous because of waxy shine. It will soak hazardous toxins like benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde. They are perfect for households where someone smokes.

3) Anthurium

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Anthurium’s dark leaves will sop up ammonia, formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene. This plant can also be a thoughtful gift.

4) Cacti

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Buy a variety of small plants and place them together to create a terrarium. Cacti thrive in natural light.

5) Calatheas

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Use a white pot to show off its colorful leaves.

6) Aloe

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A balmy plant for all our skin problems, aloe requires water once a week.

7) Golden Pothos

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This plant can tolerate low-light conditions. Hang them to enjoy their long leaves trailing down.