Bohemianism is not nonchalance. Accepting the unconventional and celebrating individuality are its deathless spirits. Bohemians are the salt of the earth.

You don’t have to be a hobo to be a bohemian. Your spirit should be gypsy and vibes boho; that is what liberates you. Believe it or not but boho jewelry (a plethora of chunky, mirrored, oxidized necklaces and earrings can jazz up any look. Trust me. Maybe it is time to put gold shopping on the back burner) and boho decorations are transforming the way YOU ornament yourselves and su casa.

Here, it is important to emphasize on ‘you’ because self-reliance aptly describes a bohemian spirit. You would be surprised to know how outright easy it is to give your home (or even a simple nook) a boho look.

A shedload of thanks to bohos who are sharing their novel ideas on Instagram. A shoutout to bloggers and influencers for propagating the boho wave. They are not only spreading colors but vibes. You see this on your social media every day.

Simplicity That Creates A Pleasing Façade

Before you stop reading and a turn a blind eye to this streak of mystique decoration, you should know that boho décor is neither clutter, nor complex. It is very easy to tag a room as ‘cluttered’ and ‘over-the-top’ that screams boho spirit. I won’t contest that.

Sometimes, the sheer vibrancy of colors and straightforwardness of a bazillion elements can  add a false layer of clutter to a boho décor. Something like a mirage.

Au contraire, that is what makes boho designs beautiful – simplicity that creates a façade of complexity and luxury. It will be wrong to call it deception. It is a characteristic that stands out.

Boho décor can be easily incorporated even in new homes (Psst! Check out Ahad Builders for apartments that give you the luxury to decorate them the way you want to). Often people baulk at the idea of decorating their walls boho because they think it is difficult to ‘boho’ that which flaunts something unique. (Too much boho, isn’t it? It is still not clutter.)

Don’t worry. Try these few ideas and see for yourself that bohemian décor is pretty flexible.

Boho Steps

You can –

1) Add Bold Colors

Go ahead and criss-cross vibrant colors to create a perfect boho look. Mix them to create beautiful clashes. The best way would be to go for opposites like pink and orange or red and blue. You will find this strategy in textiles. Use –

  • Stencils
  • Pillows
  • Tablecloths

You can fearlessly sew unconventional stuff to create bizarre patterns.

2) Play with Curtains and Shades

Patterns! Patterns! Patterns! Big blocks and irregular polygons will jazz up your décor. If you are averse to colors, this is a great alternative. Try sheets, bamboo rolls, laces, and beads to add a boho touch.

3) Use Trimmings

Time to recycle! Don’t dump trimmings and trinkets. You can use them to accentuate mats, pillow covers, curtains, table tops, and even lamps. Tassels, crystals, colorful stones, fabrics, and apothecary jars are the cheapest options that will beautify your place.

4) Modify Old Furniture

Distress, re-paint, and polish chest of drawers, cupboards, cabinets, nightstands… Every piece of furniture can be utilized. Drape them with curtains (bullet point 2) or bold cloth. You can also create giant canopies.

5) Color Outside the Lines

Seriously! The more the ideas, the more the creation. Let your imagination run wild. Be bold and try new stuff. Lights, plants, colored glass, bulky mirrors, antique candelabrums, rugs and other objects can be played with to create amazing art pieces.

6) Signposts

Remember R.K. Narayan’s The Painter of Signs? Use old wooden planks and create signs or quotes. Add bells on the corners to create a welcoming effect.

7) Start with Walls and Floors

Walls and floors are the focal points of a place. Work according to the designs they incorporate. Are your floors carpeted, tiled or hardwood? If I use wallpaper, will it complement the floor? Ask questions to yourself. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

You cannot go wrong with a bohemian look. Just know your colors, trimmings, and patterns. Your designs represent you. Therefore, let your thoughts flow. Boho décor will slowly infuse you with positivity, compassion, and happiness. Promise!