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Types of Swing To Amp Up Your Home:

A couple of days back, I shared a blog titled “Get Pats on the Back For A Jazzed Up Patio”, where I extensively talked about the colorful ways in which you can decorate the most abused section of your home. If you haven’t read it, find it here –

AhadCares-Get Pats on the Back for A Jazzed Up Patio…

In this blog, I will put flesh on the bones of the first point i.e., swing it.

There is something unexplainably beautiful about swings and the feelings that flood us after swinging higher and higher. A sense of freedom and liberation makes us believe that fear is conquerable and life is breezy.

Then again, there are a few people for whom swinging wildly is irksome. They want to be lulled (or swung) to sleep; they want to sip a cup of cucumber mint green tea while reading Dickens; they want to shoot the bull with a group of pals; a swing can be symbolic of a lot of things.

It is suitable for all seasons, even the magical season of love and taxing season of despair.

Swings can accent even the interiors. They aren’t restricted to only galleries, patios or courtyards. Some of you outright dislike rubbing shoulders with people; all the more reason to swing your patio inside. It is necessary to select a home that gives you the freedom to embellish it the way you want. A home’s configuration shouldn’t guide the designer in you. It should be the other way around.

From last 43 years, real estate builders and developers-Ahad Builders are providing you with that ‘other way around’ without eliminating the values they uphold. You will get everything you want to zhoosh up your home, and the best part is it is all enveloped in honesty and distinctiveness.

Going off on a tangent, do you remember your grandma sitting on a swing and fascinating everyone with her tales? Now, it is time for you to gather your moods and words, for others are waiting to be enveloped in your stories.

1) Swings with Canopies

These swings are perfect for outdoors. Select the canopy’s material to suit the weather of your city.


2) Wooden Swings 

Wood is a minimalist material but its texture adds a plethora of zhoosh to any setting. You can never go wrong with wooden furniture. Select water-resistant and rot-resistant woods like teak or ipe.

3) Maharaja Swings

Add a touch of royalty and feel the purple patch with ornate maharaja swings. They will work best with both bohemian and refined settings.

4) Exotic Swings

Exotic swings are à la mode, and they will appeal to the classic lady/clever gent in you. Play with the cushions to add the extra zhoosh. E-commerce sites and furniture catalogs are teeming with exotic swings. Flip a few pages and select the one that fascinates you.

5) Rope Swings


If minimal is your byword, rope swings are for you. A tyre or a wooden plank suspended from a rope will give your home a rustic look.

You can also create your own swings – swings with circular seats, plastic swings, cloth swings; all will sway you and your guests.

However, be safe. Happy swinging!