You are able to read this blog because your parents knew the importance of education. Emphatically, English. You are (and were) taken aback by the sheer brilliance and insanity of American T.V. shows/movies and grandeur of Ulysses, The Grapes of Wrath, Catch-22, and a plethora of books that made you a bibliophile.

You are not alone. You are surrounded by people who not only understand the significance of multiculturalism , education, sociological interpretations, exposure, and learning but advocate them.

Advocacy of education by people or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) around you has elevated the status of umpteen children. You must have read their stories on Humans of Bombay or Humans of Bangalore, or you might have personally come across people who weathered the straitened circumstances. Several of the stories are inspiring. Simply put, they make you smile.

However, let me ask you. Do you think championing the weightiness of education is a one-man job? Do you think the onus of raising a country’s literacy rate is only on those people who are directly associated with human rights, academia, pedagogical methodologies, literature, and politics?

If your answer is a fat ‘no’, then you should not have a problem in stomaching the fact that leading property builders in Bangalore .Ahad Builders are not only working toward creating matchless apartments but educating children of the laborers they employ.

Their noble work is not a gimmick. Ahad builders’ social work is transparent. There is no scope of obscurity.

Ahad Builders employ 1000+ workers that work in two shifts. It is easy for them to provide the laborers with the fixed compensation, and get absorbed in other weighty operations.

However, Ahad Builders’ unbiased approach toward their labor class; inclusivity; and undiluted care make them a paragon.

With the right amount of prudence and rigidity, they make sure the children of laborers attend school every day. A devoted team of experts conducts surprise visits to laborers’ homes. If a healthy kid is found sitting idle or wandering around, his/her parents are barred from the site for that day. If the abysmal situation (children not attending school) persists, parents are counseled by the experts.

The team underscores the importance of education. If parents are inflicted by a problem, financial or physical, the team works their fingers to the bone to resolve it. A girl child is provided with equal opportunities. Ahad Builders’ invariably work toward empowering the female gender. There are no two ways about it.

Laborers are not exposed to detrimental working conditions. Monthly, a doctor conducts check-ups and tells them about the significance of sanitation and clean living conditions.

According to the World Bank, India’s literacy rate stands at 69 percent as of 2011. When compared with China’s 95 percent (2010), Malaysia’s 93 percent (2010), and Brazil’s 92 percent (2014), India is still lagging behind. India has to work significantly toward strengthening  its literacy rate. An increased literacy rate will positively impact the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) too.

Today, Ahad Builders‘ work is of paramount importance. Their values are grand enough to envelop that which lies beyond the realm of real estate.