You clean your home every day. You buy ornaments, curtains, sheets, trinkets, and lamps to decorate every nook and corner of it. Oh! And look at those eye-catching frames and vases. Your guests must be envious of you!You leave no stone unturned in making your house, a lovable home.

Now, riddle me this – Why have you been neglecting your patio?

Patio and backyard are an important but abused constituents of any home. Since they are away from your as well as your guests’ sights, you tend to be casual and lax with their upkeep. Your rationalization might be that since you do not spend a lot of time outdoors, you dodge splurging on patio/backyard decorations. (Hey! Don’t gasp. You know I am stating the truth. Thank you!)

If you are eager to know more about patio decorations, sadly, I have to stop you in your tracks (boldly, I will take the risk of bearing your annoyance).

I want to stress upon the importance of good, quality homes. ”A home is a home. How can it be qualitative?” you ask. Times are changing. You don’t need a blogger to tell you that. Look around you. You are not moving toward amenities. Amenities are moving toward you. In clusters.

You are always on the lookout for a place/apartment that can provide everything under the sun. Something different, inviting, promising; that is your taste. Believe me when I say you can implement these decoration ideas only when primary requirements are met.

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Once you sort out your primary needs, it will be time for you to pay more attention to your patio since it has the power to soothe and awe restless minds. Ditch your T.V. sets and ipads, grab a book or mocktail (and a copy of this blog) and gear up for easy patio decorations.


1) Swing it:


Take the minimalism route and add a swing. Show your creativity skills on it! If you do not want to add trimmings to the patio,ornamenting with just one item is the safest option. Spread a mat in front of it and take some cushions for the seat. Add a few candela brums to dazzle your evenings.


There! Easy-peasy.


2) Add Garden Features

If you want your patio to be a simple seating area, wicker furniture should be your pick. A vine-covered pergola and wooden table with a vase on top, and you will be ready to serve piping tea to your guests.

3) A Pit That Spits Fire

Become the Khaleesi of your home by adding a stone-encased fire pit. This idea is simply perfect for chilly winter nights. Small lanterns can be hanged on a rope from a pergola. Organize a barbecue and make your winter nights musical.

4) Potted Plants and Dose of Colors

This trick should become your holy grail by now. Succulents, flowers, bold colors and chunky trimmings can jazz up ANYTHING. Make your decorations thematic and incorporate simple ideas – plants, mats, rocking chairs, hanging pots, minimalist wooden furniture, rustic dolls; patio’s very own definition.

5) Umbrellas and Metals

If pieces of wooden furniture don’t float your boat, go ahead and arrange metallic ones to add a tinge of vintage to your patio. Add extra space by installing colored umbrellas. This will give your patio a beach-type look. Crashing waves, anybody?

6) Pizza Herb Garden

If I have failed to convince you to use pergolas, chairs, awnings, and trimmings, why don’t you create an herb garden! Herbs like basil, olive, chive, parsley are easy to pot. Besides, it will make up for the lack of garden at your place (if any). You should try this.

Don’t let your patio be au naturel.