Befitting Color Tones for Your Home

Builders and property developers in Bangalore, Ahad Builders have been in the construction and real estate business from last 40 years. They are one of the best real estate companies in Bangalore. Ahad Builders fearlessly experiment with various designs to create the best homes and residential spaces. They unequivocally care about the environment and their helping hands too. The existence of Ahad Builders is a testament to the fact that homeowners have access to builders and developers who are not only industrious but gracious. Moreover, after procuring the home of your dreams, comes the next tiresome step – decoration. Don’t get into a tizzy. Through our blog, Strokes of Pop, we will help you in choosing colors for your home. Through our blogs, we try to keep you penned up on home trends. We care about you, dear readers. We believe in giving you content that caters to not only the most alluring elements of your homes but your mental space too. In today’s blog, we will talk about warm tones and cool tones and how you can use them to decorate your living space without paralyzing your emotional health and wellbeing.
Warm Colors
When you think of words like ‘warm’, ‘thaw’, ‘heat’, you involuntarily conjure up images of colors like red, orange, and
yellow. There you have it – warm tones. Warm tones are a combination of fiery colors. Sunlight, flame, fire, summer, et al typify warm tones. When you look at a bright, warm color, it appears as if it is coming closer to you. That is why warm tones are used to make a large room appear comfy. If your bedroom is huge, try painting it golden, brown or terracotta to make it look intimate and cozy. Warm colors significantly impact us physically. They increase our adrenaline, blood pressure, breath rates, and temperature. Since shades/tints of red, orange and yellow exert influence on us, companies use these colors for advertorial purposes. Some have even launched all-red products like Ferrari. Why do red lipsticks look stunning? You know now.
Cool Colors
As cool as a cucumber, reader. Cool tones are diametrically opposite to warm tones. Green, purple, and blue is soothing and tranquil. Warm colors bring to mind fiery elements and images – heat, warmth, fire, but cool colors typify snow, ice, water, peace, sky, and nature. When it comes to interior design, unlike warm colors, cool tones seem to be moving away from you. They give you space to breathe. Therefore, if you have a small room, use cool tones to make it look bigger. Green and blue shades make a space look spacious and welcoming.
Colors and Natural Light
Do cool and warm tones affect just our optics? We do know and have experienced that hot and cold temperatures physically affect us profoundly. Before selecting colors for your home, consider the climate of the place. If the climate is tropical, let cool colors dominate. On the contrary, warm tones will be the ultimate choice for cold climate. Colors can greatly affect visible light too. If you want to tone down the natural light in the room, bright colors are wholly effective as they will absorb the access light. Similarly, use lighter shades to tamp up the intensity of natural light in the room.
Good luck!