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We all are dotty about precious metals. Our homes and drawers are adorned with silver, gold, copper jewelry, cutlery, and home decor products. Invaluable decoration items give us a chance to crow about our possessions, and for once we are cut some slack by our guests and loved ones. Who would not be taken aback by the sheer beauty of home decor!.

However, many of us like to gaze at our articles or memorabilia from a distance. We are loath to take them out in the open. We are afraid corrosion and rust will steal their sheen. Maintaining silverware and high-priced articles is a cumbersome task. You have to keep in mind a laundry list of do’s and don’ts, and who would want to walk on eggshells!

First, we invest loads of money and time in looking for luxury flats, villas, and apartments (in Bangalore). We scour the newspapers and magazines for the best real estate companies or top builders and developers like Ahad Builders. After we zero in on residential property (like Spanish-themed Ahad Excellencia or luxurious Ahad Opus), we start collecting articles and home décor products. However, after things settle, we have misgivings about flaunting our possessions. Don’t let tarnish, rust or corrosion hold you from enjoying your silver dinner set, bullion, coins, copper mandir, porcelain statues, et al.

Once you learn the ropes of storing and cleaning your precious articles, you can easily take care of them without ruining their charm. This blog will be a series of two blogs. The first part will extensively talk about the don’ts. We don’t shy away from giving DIYs a whirl because we see results. However, DIYs might not work all the time. On the contrary, they might leave your precious articles looking dull and lustreless.

The following list is a cheat sheet of don’ts :
Do not use polishes, abrasives or cleaners because their constituents are acidic. They can erode the surface of your precious metals and articles.

Do not use city tap water for cleaning your bullion. Tap water contains chlorine, which may discolor the bullion. Use only distilled water for cleaning and rinsing.

Since fingernail polish remover, Coca-Cola or brown sauce is easily available and their uses are bandied about, you might be tempted to use them. Don’t! Acetone, carbon dioxide, and vinegar present in them will react with your precious metal and damage it.

A few advertisements like that of metal cleaners are a hoax. Do not use them as they’re acid-based and lead to destructive cleaning by removing some of the metal surfaces.

Wash your hands and use a hand sanitizer before touching precious jewelry or decoration items.
Use a soft towel or a thick, soft cloth for cleaning your silver and other wares. Don’t chafe the surface. Rub gently. However, never use a cloth to clean delicate parts. Use a cleaning brush dampened in the soap solution and gingerly brush the parts to remove dirt.

Store your articles in a dry place. Humidity can put the mockers on your silver dinner set or other home décor products. Never keep artificial and real metals together. Tarnished and untarnished metals should also be kept separately.

Don’t talk or breathe over your bullion.