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I hope the last blog, titled Blinding Light – Take Care of Your Precious Metals – 1 boosted your confidence, and you have taken out those dazzling pair of goblets for a romantic dinner date.

Our silverware, silver candlesticks, copper mandir, bronze statues, et al not only accent our home’s features but speak for themselves. Just one bronze statue in the corner of your living room can liven up the surroundings. That is the most fascinating feature of luxurious homes; home décor products jazz up the smallest yet the most alluring elements of living space.

Buying a home is taxing. When the real estate market is buzzing with builders and developers, especially in an ever-growing city like Bangalore, it is a tall order to find the best 1BHK/2BHK apartments for sale on Sarjapur Road and other areas. In this context, Ahad Builders afford the best residential property in Bangalore. These top real estate builders carefully pick a host of elements for constructing innovative flats and apartments; Ahad Excellencia and Ahad Opus are remarkable. Ahad Builders’ business ethics are set in stone. Moreover, they have zero debt.

Every home fosters a different feeling in its owners. Some enjoy exercising their green thumbs while some like to decorate every nook and corner. Silverware and precious metals are always in vogue, but some of us find it very difficult to maintain their sheen and shine.

The last blog in the series focused on the don’ts. This blog will shell out helpful tips and tricks for preserving and cleaning your jewelry, precious home décor products, coins, and other decorative materials.
Store the articles in poly bags to prevent them from tarnishing.

Pay special attention to statutes. If not handled or stored properly, they can bend. A crooked statue will simply steal the beauty of an original piece.
Keep idols of gods and goddesses in an upright position. Don’t stack them.
Use bubble wrap for storing artifacts and other articles.
Silver is highly prone to tarnishing. When the copper in sterling silver reacts with oxygen and moisture in the air, it oxidizes. This causes silver articles to tarnish.
Store silver jewelry in fabric jewelry bags or even plastic zip-lock bags. They are an excellent alternative to overnight storage.
Use anti-tarnish strips in the bags. These strips absorb air pollutants that cause tarnishing.
You can also use silica packets as they arrest tarnishing.
Avoid DIYs. You should not touch them with a bargepole. Baking soda tricks, vinegar recipes, toothpaste-based cleaning methods do more harm than good to your precious articles.
If you have tried everything under the sun and still stubborn tarnish persists, go to a professional cleaner.
Do not soak silverware in water for longer periods.
After swilling out the silverware (use only hot water), don’t let it dry manually.
Even if you have not used your silverware, get it polished twice a year.