Find flats for sale on Sarjapur Road with Ahad Builders

You are as sure as eggs is eggs that your new home will be no less than a haven, and it should be like that. You are wholly involved in the construction process, and you cannot wait to decorate your dream home. However, in a flurry of excitement, you might drop the ball on primary decisions.

One cannot lay enough stress on the importance of hassle-free home construction. Even if you are at the helm of building and designing processes, discipline, prudence, and well-thought-out decision-making is vital. Moreover, if you have put your trust in top builders and developers like Ahad Builders, you will relax a little. It is safe to make a tall claim like this.

Best amenities provider in buildings and apartments – Ahad Builders have been in the construction and real estate business from last 40 years. With sheer hard work, persistence, and never-say-never spirit, they have become one of the best real estate companies in Bangalore. They have been experimenting with high-toned designs (like Spanish-themed Ahad Excellencia) to create hip homes, residential apartments, and flats. These luxury residential builders on Sarjapur Road pull out all the stops to design homes that marry innovation and bare necessities. What’s interesting is that it is a zero-debt company – you only pay your debts.


Even if you have a strong foundation aka builders to lean on, it is advisable to not make the following mistakes (this blog will be published in a series of two blogs) –

  • Starting home construction when you have scantiness of time

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is starting home construction when your plate is full. It is a time-consuming job that also requires your undivided attention. Your unavailability might lead to delayed decisions. Also, if you are not there to keep a tab on resources, costs overrun will spike your guns. Don’t start home construction when –

1) You are changing paths in life like a new job, or you are going through a tumultuous phase.

2) Your family wholly needs you.

  • Tenth-rate budgeting

Another major mistake is poor budgeting. Usually, people rely on only one cost – quote given by the contractor. In reality, home construction also includes the following costs –

1) Pre-construction expenses like design approvals, and power and water connection charges.

2) Post-construction costs such as Occupancy Certificate, permanent power connection, etc.

3) Costs for exclusions by the contractor.

4) Landscaping costs.

5) Lighting costs.

6) Electrical accessories like geysers, ACs, etc.

7) Interior Costs

These costs should not knock you down with a feather. Include them in the budget.

  • Overstretching the budget

Your home is a long-term asset. It is absolutely important to not draw in your horns when it comes to the quality of materials and resources. However, top-hole furnishing products can cloud your thinking, and you may be tempted to spend extra. Overstretching your budget means you have to tighten your belt for the coming years.