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The last blog in the series (part – 1) emphasized the vitality of reasonable home construction decisions. We also discussed the best builders in town Ahad Builders. This blog will follow the same trajectory and add more points corresponding to the topic.

You are never alone in-home construction. You will surely face hindrances, but if you have trustworthy builders/contractors to support you, you will smoothly cross the river.

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Therefore, if you have reliable builders and contractors to back you up, just try sidestepping the following mistakes for smoothening home construction –

  • Disregarding bye-laws

Although it is difficult to enforce bye-laws on individual homes, blatantly flouting them is unacceptable. Ask your architect or developer what is ‘acceptable’ deviation. If you completely disregard bye-laws, you won’t be getting the Occupancy Certificate (OC). An OC might not be important now but it might become a mandatory document in the future.

  • Giving in to the DIY temptation

Building a home is not an easy task, and the worst thing you can do to multiply the complexities of home construction is donning a contractor’s hat. If you think hiring a bunch of laborers and managing them yourself is easy, think again. Managing labor is difficult and only professional contractors and builders can do it efficiently. You should plan your budget smartly and hire contractors who can extract the best from their team of workers. Also, you will still be left with a plethora of things that you’d be required to do.

  • Obtaining materials, oneself

Another mistake is to procure the construction materials yourself and getting a contractor to do the construction bid. This strategy is rife with problems. First, no contractor will be ready to provide just construction service. It is a bad deal for him/her. Second, there is no guarantee that the materials that you will procure will be of the highest quality. Contractors can also get profitable rates for materials as they know the industry like the back of their hands. This industry is unorganized and there is a chance that you will be duped.

  • Delaying the decision-making process

If you are hyperventilating about delayed construction, your contractor or builder is not to be blamed (for the most part). Sometimes home owners swither too much. A prolonged decision-making process can be disastrous.

  • Incorporating too many changes

Frequent changes will not only confuse your contractor but delay the project. Changing a frozen design or incorporating new changes is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Every design has a cost associated to it. If you change the design, your budget might waver. Also, if the changes are made mid-way, it would be really difficult for the contractor to move forward. Worse, if the changes sought by you are after the construction, it will burn a hole in your pocket. Think before freezing a design or making a decision.

  • Ridiculous bargaining

People love to bargain. Sadly, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Unreasonable bargaining can put the mockers on home construction. Your attempt to push down prices can backfire. Every person involved in the construction wants to make money. If they feel that your bargaining will dwindle their profits, they will do shoddy work. The worst part is they will do this under your nose.