Buying A Home In 2019? Start Doing These Things Now!

Home ownership has always been an important milestone of adulthood. Acquiring a home gives the owner and their family a sense of security, stability, and accomplishment. Purchasing a home is not an entirely financial decision, but an emotional one too. There are few hacks to keep in mind because the commitment is a life-changing one.

 Villa or independent house – Deciding the cost and amount of investment for a villa or an
independent house has to be considered pivotal. Another question is if investing in land rather
than a house is more financially convenient? Also, While buying a house look for a place which has
close proximity to basic necessities.
 Family or individual – Based on who resides, some points have to be retrospected.
  • Schools: Will there be children living in the house? If so are they old enough to travel by themselves?
  • Hospitals: A mere requirement in cases where a family member has a chronic disorder or one that consists of aged members.
  • Fitness center:  The regularity of the person will probably be affected if the gym is distant because then again travel would be an issue.
  • Parks and recreational centers – Purely essential in homes where toddlers are present.
  • Restaurants and lounges – This would be vital for a middle-aged or a newlywed couple since the regularity of dining outside is higher.
  • Banks – Bangalore being one of the biggest and developing metropolitan cities has to have a bank at every nook and corner.
  • Supermarkets – The need for grocery stores is undeniably momentous for people of all age groups.


The 21st century has got us being more advanced and with the evolving technology, there is a need to keep up with the trends. Modernizing homes is one way to do so.

  • Always look for the track record of the chosen builder, along with their experience and projects in the past.
  • Incorporating jewel tones pairing jewel tones with metal design elements makes the colors pop.
  • Patterned backsplashes are a pick-up trend in 2019, especially in kitchens.
  • Use of bold black bathrooms.
  • Statement ceilings with intricate detail define aestheticism
  • French windows are the perfect solutions for patios and balconies.
  • Walk-in closet is one trend which adds to the luxury element of a house.

Keeping these points in mind to make sure the metamorphic decision of buying a home is eventful, one can make a successful and better living.