AhadCares LEDs – The Shrill of Brilliance.

Every time you visit a hotel or resort, be it luxurious or homespun, what are the things that trap you in the net of enchantment? Crystalline water of the giant pool, a spa facility that screams comfort and relaxation or the blinding light of a gorgeous chandelier that makes your eyes pop and neck crane?

Why is it that in mawkishly romantic novels or movies, writers or directors choose to converge their energy and skills into portraying a luminous picture? A picture that is so beautifully lit that this very light is responsible for accenting the features of those marvels that would otherwise remain hidden.

It is de facto always about the illumination. The light; the vibes lighting media reflect. In the increasing tension between romanticism and wounding reality, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) (we will leave physics out of it for now) provide the much needed escape.

Many people select LEDs because they associate one word with it – Green. You got that right. Indisputable. However, it is important to understand what makes LEDs environment-friendly, efficient, and oh-so popular.

There is a good reason for LEDs becoming an integral part of the Scandinavian décor. Be it lit kitchen counters, twinkling bedroom ceilings or illuminated living room walls; all are a testament to LEDs versatility and minimalism.

Interior designers have made them an indispensable part of their catalogues and builders are leaving no stone unturned in constructing homes that can be further accentuated by LEDs.

Leading property builders in Bangalore-Ahad Builders, who are also the harbingers of responsible construction, have invariably stressed upon the use of LEDs. Their quintessential projects – Ahad Euphoria, Ahad Opus, Ahad Excellencia, and Ahad Meadows make extensive and creative use of LEDs to highlight grand lobbies and other divisions.

Real estate builders and developers Ahad Builders, through their campaign Ahad Cares, want to communicate that efforts reap rich dividends only when they are consolidated and not scattered.

We are in a phase where the writing is on the wall. Depleting non-renewable sources of energy are a growing concern. Ahad Builders understand that urgent issues need to be tackled now. They cannot be brushed under the carpet anymore.

Ahad Builders objective is to preach and practice.

Keeping this integrative methodology in mind, let’s look at the features that make LEDs green (Brace yourselves! Physics on the way… Simplified physics.)

Save Energy and Money:

 In simple terms, the electricity for which you pay boatloads is inordinately used by the energy-guzzling and inefficient, traditional halogen, fluorescent and incandescent options in generating just heat.

LEDs use 50 percent less electricity.Say, if you are paying Rs. 100 for the current supplied to your place, electricity worth Rs. 80 is used by the traditional options for generating just heat! It is Rs. 20 that is worthwhile.

With LEDs, it is the other way around. Also, they emit light hemispherically and not spherically; thus, covering all directions.



Oh! Yes. LEDs protect you from something called a Stroboscopic effect. (Wait! Before you stop reading, read further.)

A phenomenon where light is flickering on an object in motion so quickly that the object appears still. It is very dangerous.

Imagine a working table fan, and an old bulb flickering. You could cut yourself because the fan might appear ‘switched off’ to you. The flickering creates a nasty illusion. Yes. Something like this exists.

High Performance in Cold Weather

Go ahead and decorate even the interior of your refrigerator, or your snowman. Your LED won’t dysfunction. (Promise!)

Rapid ‘On’ and ‘Off’

Next time when your guest’s kids play with the bulb’s switch, don’t stop them. Your patience might drop but LED’s performance won’t.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

It is simple. You know how sometimes lighting is so poor that you can’t tell whether the color of the wall is sunny yellow or carrot orange. CRI is the ability of the light to reveal an object’s true color.

LEDs have excellent CRI.

Psst! Wall is white!

Zero UV Emissions

Yes! The same UV rays that you protect your skin from by slathering on sunscreen.

LEDs don’t emit energy in the UV portion of the spectrum. Majority of the energy is released in the Visible spectrum.

Apart from these awesome features, LEDs are durable with a long lifespan (say 50,000 to 1,00,000 working hours or more!)

At the end, let’s take a moment to thank Nick Holonyak Jr. for inventing LEDs.