You might think about putting your old house on the market when you find a new home that is an epitome of luxury, class, and comfort. Although old homes carry a boatload of memories, uncertainties and the desire to come out of the loop of antiquity goads one towards progression.

When the real estate industry is introducing you to new and magnificent homes, villas, flats, and apartments, you would want to give house hunting a whirl. In the same vein, it is totally okay to not sell an old home. To each of his own after all.

However, if you are as sure about selling an old place, what will be your course of action? You will contact a broker; you will register on multiple properties selling websites; you will send messages to friends/potential buyers; digital space has sundry options for you. Keep your eyes peeled for mountebanks and you are good to go.

Image Credit – Pixabay

Think like a buyer for a moment. She/he must be ferreting through a number of properties and pictures of houses. What will attract them about your home? Which feature will pique their interests? It totally depends on the photographs you choose to show them.

You can make your photographs aesthetically pleasing without paying through your nose to a professional photographer. Read on…


  • Don’t fret if you don’t have a fancy camera. You can capture excellent quality pictures with your smartphone. Use a tripod to avoid trembling or any kind of wobbly action. This way you won’t get blurred photos.
  • Would you want to live in a home that is at sixes and sevens? No. Clear the clutter before taking pictures. It will be easy for the buyer to imagine living in that space. Nobody wants to invest in unappealing homes.
  • If your home leans toward neutral palettes, add a dash of color -colorful vases, frames, etc., are great options.
  • Pick a sunny day to click pictures. It will allow natural light to enter the room. Pictures taken on a subfusc day won’t radiate positivity. Bad vibes can repel buyers.
  • Use camera’s flashlight to the minimum.
  • When clicking the entire room, click it from the doorway/corner looking into the room.
  • Click pictures in landscape mode and not portrait. Use portrait mode only when you are trying to highlight the vertical sections of your home.
  • You would want to show a room from two perspectives. Why? So that the buyer gets to see both sides of the room. Use at least one piece of furniture as the mid-point. This way the buyer gets to know that the pictures are of one room.
  • Don’t focus only on interiors. Give buyers an overarching portfolio. Capture the surroundings of the house, and remember to click from an angle as angular pictures add more dimension. Avoid taking straight pictures.
  • Homes in magazines look stunning. Do you want to replicate the effect? Kneel down and then click the pictures.
  • Don’t be stingy when it comes to capturing photos. Click multiple pictures so that you have a pool of options. If a photo of any segment goes kaput, you can select something else from the pool.
  • Don’t shy away from using editing apps. Remember to color-correct to make your pictures look pleasing. If you are not good with editing, use filters to accent certain elements.
  • Give buyers the cherry on the cake. If possible, sketch a blueprint of the home.
  • Underscore the most mesmerizing elements – snazzy furniture; swanky walls; prayer room; if you think an element has recall value, highlight it. This will leave an indelible image on buyers’ mind.