The 5 Myths Rounding “REAL ESTATE”

Real estate is a massive space of growth, stability and investment in land, office spaces or living. As the real estate is a much talked about thing, so is it’s myths and facts. Waving off the myths, here I will explain you the following myths that rage the buyer but don’t really exist.

You need a lot of cash to buy a home:This is by far the most common myth. Henceforth, I decide to put it on No.1 of our myth list. Honestly, you do not need too much cash to buy a house. Of course, you need to pay for your house but not all at the time of purchase. With ever increasing scope of banking, home loans are just a click away from your mobile phones. All good banks provide a large sum of loan amounting to decrease the burden off your shoulders.

Vacation Homes are a Waste of Money: Vacation homes, leisure houses or farmhouse are the private vacation homes that people tend to buy for getaway from regular hustle of life. Definitely, these are not waste of money as they tend to be of a great purpose for family time and add a major value to the money you invested. Vacation homes have a bonus to provide leisure and appreciates great value proposition for a long term investment.

You Can Time the Real Estate Market: To those who feel they can time the drop and spike of real estate rates are highly mistaken. It is not possible to track the rates as it’s a process depending on many factors except for just the demand.

A Real Estate Agent is a Waste of Money: Agents are the ones who know every pinch and detail of the locations and houses in all corners of the city. The agent is certainly not a waste of money if you are really considering buying a house as one important decision with great willingness to invest. They might just help you mint a diamond out of coal!

Developers delay projects deliberately: This is a highly controversial myth doing buzz all the while. The game is on equal sides or one, can’t say! But what I can definitely tell you is to always check the past projects of the builders you are aiming to purchase a house from. One of the examples of the builders who never miss a deadline or delay projects is Ahad Builders. Look for the entire history of any builder and you will know how they function.

The myths and the facts are way too long a list to mention. Humans do hold a tendency to doubt anything that includes their hard-earned money and why not! Every fact has a myth and vice versa. The best solution a buyer can get is through checking the history of the developer, how old the builder is in the industry, customer reviews and brand name in the city. When you buy a house, you buy the authority too to look into the peculiar details and find pride in your final decision.