The best house warming gifts for your friend’s new house!

Buying a house is an achievement of a lifetime and the achiever definitely deserves applaud for doing so. The metro and developing cities is a shopping zone for builders to sell & people to buy homes. Bangalore has more than 700 builders providing best of their capacities to customers. Also, Bangalore happens to be the most desired and expensive city of India after Mumbai. The real estate is touching skies of expense. However, that doesn’t stop the buyers from booking homes. After all who doesn’t want to live in a city of pleasant weather?

But the question is what to gift your close friend, colleague or a family member for their cozy house warming celebration. It is no doubt a tough nut to crack!
Lot of confusion occurs as it all depends what is their taste and choices, what will fall in their utility list & what not. A new house is without a vibe and to soak the vibe, all positive and bright things are captured tight enough. House warming is also a part of “Bringing the Vibe”. Getting blessings for a new house, celebrating happiness and sharing feast over it makes a house warming party joyous. But the responsibility of the guest is as tough as the host’s. It is a difficult task to pick the right kind of gift.

Here, I’m going to be your savior. Giving you the best gifting advices to ease your confused head. If any of your friend is having a house warming anytime soon, use one of my advices and see the magic! They will thank you forever.

  • Gift an amazing mirror artifact!!

Mirror artifacts always add glam to the room. And your friend has definitely not picked one surely because of huge hole in purse buying a house. Gift them a nice mirror artifact and witness the shine brighter in their eyes than the mirror itself.

  • A boho wooden décor!

It fits so well that I wish someone please invite me to a housewarming and I gift this. It’s one of the best gifts that won’t cost you much and will be a great one too! A welcome note would just fix up the tangled beauty crown of the gorgeous house.

  • A hanging lamp to brighten up the recent bought beauty, “Home”

Lamps never go out of vogue. They come in all shapes and sizes to light our beautiful homes. A good lamp will be a great present to your mate!

  • A painting to paint eyes with proud…

Paintings cover the wall to add décor of class & style. A vibrant painting will add the colossal glam to the room.

I know I have confused you more with ideas amazing enough to pick one of all. So next time you have a house warming to go to, make sure you make a special contribution to their homes by giving gifts that add value and charm both!