There’s so much we talked in our Ahad blogs with you friends that now we somewhat understand the choices of each other. Like, I know for a fact that millennial wish a fancy yet comforting environment around them. They have less space for compromises or not at all maybe. The mid-aged ones wish a life where they fetch maximum comfort with simplicity. There’s something for all. Amidst the 9 to 5 hustle of work, two hours of rubbing traffic and wait for weekend to relax only to return to the same monotony, there’s surely something we owe to our beautiful life that is truly blissful. Living in a same place for long gets the paddle of life on a halt. Change is good at times! Believe me for this one… You can call it a holiday home or vacation home, but it’s a thing you surely need to keep the spice of life on alert mode. Now what is a holiday home? Well, a home where you sneak in for the love of life away from the regular monotony or a den where there’s a luxury of comforting solace and “me time”.

India is a beautiful country and sometimes we stop seeing the beauty of what we have. There are so many tourist and travelers who take up rented spaces to have leisure and peace all at the same place. To surprise, they love India for it has the realness that brings the true meaning of life closer to its meaning for many. To guide you through the best places where you can pick your holiday home, we have chosen best of places within India. You can buy a place or rent it is upto you but you definitely need to visit them for seeing the fun part of life.

  • Munnar: Situated in kerala, it is one of the top places in my wish list to visit and have a long stay. A two day trip might not do justice to the beauty of the place so best is to acquire your holiday home and see the truest form of beauty living around you.


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  • Coorg: Held amidst the mountains of Karnataka, it is one of the tourist attractions. Once you be there, a large part of you won’t wish to go back.


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  • Goa:One of the most famous places is Goa where parties and beaches are scattered in abundance. Many people rent out a place there as it is cheaper than the hotel fares.

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  • Jaipur: The famous pink city is the tourist hub. People from all over rush to see the monumental beauty of the place. A stay there is a must to appreciate the beauty of our legendary icons.


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