Window Treatments for Your Home


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When all is said and done, interiors complete a home. They (interiors) are a ‘window’ to your life that you are living and haven’t lived yet. Fancy walls; well-equipped kitchen; arresting living room; serene bedroom; sequin cushion covers; you have an eye for detail. You are busy decorating your new home as you want to leave your visitors spellbound.

  • But, the literal windows of your home are boring. Why the discrimination, homie?
  • If you want to know how you can tart up windows, this blog is for you.

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Windows and Decorations:

  • Drapes and Curtains are not interchangeable terms

From exotic hotels to tranquil spas, drapes and curtains accent a place’s feature by leaps and bounds. They are simply stunning. Varied texture and aesthetic aspects make them stand out. However, people tend to use the terms interchangeably, which is incorrect. Read on to know the differences between your windows’ ensemble…

1) Drapes are made of heavy fabrics that aim at blocking out sunlight and are usually floor length.

2) Curtains, au contraire, are made of light, sheer or translucent materials.

3) You can certainly plump for shades and blinds that have a multitude of variables like roller blinds, wooden binds, fabric blinds, et al.

  • What to select?

Now that you are conversant with the differences, it is time to select a proper window treatment for your home. The selection largely depends on your room and its needs. Does it need more light or less? What about the space? Does it need to look capacious or small? These questions will make you reflect on the types of fabric; colors; prints, length and width.

1) Pairing drapes with sheer curtains will give you the wiggle room to control sunlight in your room.

2) Wooden blinds are fitting for kitchen or balcony. These blinds will give a substantive rustic touch to your kitchen. You can add potted plants next to the blinds to add a flavor of bohemianism to your balcony.

3) When it comes to the color of the drapes, try to harmonize it with the rest of your furnishings.

  • What’s the order of the day?

If you are at your wits’ end about window treatment but you do not want to come off as a person who is living under a rock, take inspiration from these window trends –

1) Layering is dernier cri. If your curtains add a third dimension look, it is simply perfect.

2) Organic materials are in vogue. You can opt for linen and cotton.

3) Go bold with bright colors. It is making a big impact on the interior front.

4) Bamboo and wooden blinds are gaining popularity because of the sumptuous yet serene texture they add.

5) You can select longer curtains that puddle on the floor to give a theatrical look. If you have children, abstain from longer curtains and keep the length a couple of inches off the floor.

6) Glamorize your curtains by adding trimmings like tassels, beads or pom- poms.

7) If you want a magnificent look, velvet and silk are unfailing.