Gorgeous Ways To Dress Your Blank And Boring Walls | AHAD OPUS

In the last blog titled Thrash the Dull – Snazzy Decoration Ideas for Your Walls (1), we discussed enthralling wall decoration ideas. Albeit frames are one of the easiest and cheapest bibelot to decorate the walls with, it is time to push the envelope. Every nook and corner in a home has a story to tell. Walls are, by default, an attention-grabbing element of any house. People always look at the walls – texture, color, patterns, accessories, et al, don’t go unnoticed. In a nutshell, walls set the mood of your home.

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Even the tiniest decoration idea can go awry if it is misbegotten. Your wall accessories must complement nearby furniture and drapes. For some, getting down to brass tacks and understanding these small ‘points of panache’ is simply harrowing. This blog, in its entirety, will cover some more wall décor ideas, thereby making the decoration process less harrowing.

1) Dried Flowers

Don’t knit your brows! Dried flowers can accentuate your walls like magic. Besides, you can keep on changing them to ward off monotony.

2) Art it Up

Don’t have the time (or energy) to hang up all your favorite artwork? Simply lean your art against a wall with a floating shelf or picture ledge  to create a streamlined display that’s easy to install.

3) Look at the Ceiling

Although this blog is about wall décor, I will beseech you not to forget the ceiling. If decorating walls sounds run-off-the-mill to you, don’t shy away from jazzing up the ceilings. Ceilings are often overlooked but they are always oozing with design potential. Statement ceilings are a stylish way to turn a ceiling into a room’s centerpiece. Fashion your own with paint or wallpaper and make a big interior statement with your ceiling.

4) Fairy Lights


A couple sets of string lights can turn a blank wall into a magical scene in seconds. You can even use mini clothespins to hang up photos on your string lights for a more personalized lighting scheme. Use colored strings to add that extra oomph or funky clothespins to add a dash of bold.

5) Kitchen Storage

No room in your tiny kitchen to store all your pots and pans? Turn a fragment of a wall into a streamlined storage display with a few hanging rails. Skillets, pans, ladles, hang them all on the wall.

6) Wall Baskets Will Save the Day

Who knew wall baskets (you know, the hand-woven kind your grandmother used to buy at local markets) could make such a charming wall décor in modern-day interiors? Try arranging them in beautiful patterns. You can also paint them to impart a tinge of Bohemianism.