“A house is a machine for living in.”- Le Corbusier

We have been talking a lot of things lately. Almost every week I have been trying to find the hot topics that need little spice to sprinkle on for better tasting content. Well that sounds like some exotic dish recipe but NO! We won’t misguide you, we do the other way!

So without wasting any more seconds, let’s shoot the pointers that need our attention while buying a house. The cost of house/flat depends on plethora of aspects. It is a full platter of elements that make a whooping price falling hard on our heads while buying a house. But what stone you would like to take a hit off is entirely your choice. For instance, if the location of the house is your highest consideration then you won’t mind investing money that makes a hole in your pocket but gives a sigh of relief for making a choice that comforts you. It’s all up to you since you are the “Decision-maker”. The cost of the house depends on many aspects like the size of the house (the number of rooms), its location (prime or not so), its kind (independent or apartment), the builders, the quality of construction and so much more. Basically, it’s a list that has seen no ends!

Size of the house: The factor that runs more than 60% in case of house cost is the size. There’s no algorithm to it! The bigger the house, the bigger the hole in the pocket. Just kidding, bigger homes undoubtedly are a beauty and the price is absolutely worth it, if it’s designed well. A regular 2 bhk flat starts at a price of 50 lac -60 lakhs onwards, not counting the prime locations of any city for sure.

      • Location of the house: Second most important factor is location. Obviously we all want our homes in the premium areas of the city. It is a very subjective factor, as some people want their homes nearer to the office, while some can stretch the travel time longer but prefer kids to have home closer to schools and some prefer homes in an area which is posh to the core no matter the workplace or kid’s school is in proximity or not. The factor shift from one household to another.
      • Styling/ Designing of the house: A gorgeous house that drops jaw isn’t any easy deal to crack. People hire a professionally claimed designer to decide the placement of every single brick. House is no more just an abode to live secure but holds a parameter to decide the status, lifestyle and personality of every human. Millennial especially don’t believe in the mantra of adjustment. Lakhs of rupees go into designing the house to create luring beauty! Some people prefer to self-design their homes as they hold their fashion sense at the right space for décor. People who buy a house in apartments save that extra bucks in exterior designing at least.
      • Amenities of the house: If you are purchasing a flat then it is obvious the builder will come along with a long list of amenities (some useful, others not). Keep a close glance here at the amenities you are provided in an independent house or flats. In case of independent houses, make sure you get enough space for parking vehicles, greenery around, secure location, gym and amusement areas around the house. For flats, it is not that difficult. All you have to do is put a tick mark to the amenities the builder is giving you and will be relevant for use in every day mundane.

      • Quality of construction: The last and the most important fact that makes or breaks the walls! No, I’m serious!! Bad quality of construction is a cry not ending after one night. It’s a nightmare haunting every day and night. Some days the walls will seem dull & cracked while the other days the bathroom tap will leak all the time. This will not just be haunting but very embarrassing too. The day will end up in seeing more plumbers and electricians in your house than your family members. I won’t suggest you to spend any penny less for the quality of construction as this can take away the happiness of new home and you won’t like to invite guest too.Great real estate developers will help you get rid of embarrassment & dial numbers to call your friends not the plumber to fix your taps.

      So count these points important to make a wise, no wait, and wiser choice in buying a house. Your preference makes or breaks the deal for you. Like I always say, check the history projects of the real estate builders. Buying a house is a great challenge but with proactive research and analysis, you can make a good deal within the budget you have.