What’s the next big thing in Mysore?

Mysore, the city of culture, heritage, monuments and palaces is in close proximity to Bangalore at approx. 80kms. The city, Mysore was once a part of Bangalore. However, now these two are individual cities neighbouring each other. These two cities share a mix blend of combination. While one is a hub of IT sector emerging out to be the top metropolitan city, other graces the poise of culture and heritage.

The renowned Bangalore-based real estate builders, Ahad Builders make a time and again come back in Mysore but this time with a charm like never before. Mysore is known for big things, big palaces, big monuments, etc., however this time the “Next big thing” isn’t any heritage owned by some powerful ruler.It is the “AHAD CITY”, where the big city will experience big duplex villas with amenities beyond the count on fingers.

The “Ahad City” is spread on 39+ acres of land with lush green pathways. The concept of duplex villas is not a new concept. However, what remains new and ultra-unique is the pricing!

Yes!! The pricing is so affordable that nobody will deny an offer as such. The duplex villas with fencing at the entrance gives a Victorian vibe to add a glam quotient.

Ahad city is the next stop for your leisure. The location is prime and in proximity of Bangalore. So if you work in the hustling city of silicon, it’s a perfect purchase for you to getaway on weekend trails.

The city of Mysore already has many palaces of Kings and Queens, now it’s time to have one dream palace of your own too.