Why is Bathroom decor so important?

The second most used room in a house is the bathroom. Though we use it so often, it is the most ignored space of the house in sense of décor. Therefore, it is important to keep hygiene and décor at an important basis. Not all homes have huge bathrooms, some have smaller ones. To decorate the avoided yet relevant room, let’s discuss few tricks to put a touch of elegance.
  • The colour scheme of the bathroom should be in lighter shades, making it easy and bright. The “Calm quotient” should be maintained.
  • Use the cove shelf to decorate the bathroom and also for storage.
  • Organise towels, bath gels and other things in a way it reflects luxury spa feel.
  • Have a slender sink to avoid using up the extra ground space.
  • Put flashy mirror to glam your bathroom. A mirror adds an illusion of extra space!
  • Add colours to your bathroom with different colour towels, tiles, bathrobes, etc.
  • Use all the space in the bathroom as to avoid making place look plain.
Bathroom is no less a part of your house, so count it worthy to care for its décor. Mix & match the trends to add a tinge of beauty to every corner of your home.